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07-24-2012, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
As for the Penn State situation, it was the right call. I keep hearing whining, here and on local sports radio, about first the potential sanctions and now the actual sanctions, and they get it all wrong. ... If only firing everyone involved was the only ramification a school faced it would be hardly make a university pause at all. ... That does not event take into account the need to show the world that college sports takes this seriously.

They had to do something like this. Why people can not get that is beyond me.
Essentially correct. If the NCAA had handed out a less severe punishment that would've basically been undermining their own legitimacy IMO. It would be like other teams saying "Well let's see what we can get away with. Worst thing that happens is we get allegations, then they have to prove them, and even if they do the punishment won't be too bad. PSU allowed a few dozen kids to be ***** by one of their former coaches, in their facilities, with knowledge by the coach, administrators and others, and look what they got."

IMO they would've been completely justified suspending the program entirely for a couple years to start things off, then do all the other stuff too. PSU fans should be grateful they still have a program IMO. If I were the NCAA guy I would've shut the thing down for several years at least. THAT will put the fear into these ridiculous "football as religion" people all over this country. It's completely out of control and from coast to coast, not just at PSU.

Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
Well said. The only thing that sucks about it is punishing the current players with no bowl games but they had to send a message.
NCAA will allow special transfers for all players who want to leave. Basically it's going to be an expansion draft for the rest of the schools in your region or the BigTen. As I understand it, anyway. So no one will be stuck there if they feel it will hurt their career.

Originally Posted by bambamcam4ever View Post
People want to tie Penn State football in with Sandusky's crimes, but Sandusky was no longer a coach after the first words of his crimes surfaced. There was certainly an issue that these crimes were not sufficiently reported, but that falls on Schultz and Curley and should not be lumped in with the football program.
This is the worst sort of rationalization. I'm guessing you're a huge fan, right? Hard core? This is the kind of stuff the NCAA has to contend with and it's not good. Sandusky was still a major presence in the PSU football program, was in regular contact with the coaches, directors and others there, regularly used your facilities, etc. PSU was an activate enabler of this POS at every stage of the process, and consequently are equally as guilty. To act like PSU is somehow less guilty (especially throughout the football and athletic programs), because Sandusky was no longer receiving a salary as a coach, is absurd.

All of the Paterno hero-worshippers in that town (and other fans who worship their coaches and programs) need to get their head out of their ass if they haven't already. Joe Paterno screwed up BIGTIME. That has been demonstrated clearly by the the Freh report, given the very large scope of their interviews, documentation reviews, etc. No one with any credibility is questioning the veracity or depth of that report, except the Paterno family and maybe some former meathead players, unable to extricate themselves from their pride. Sometimes the truth hurts too much. Paterno was actively involved in the cover-up. Period. The hero of the grand experiment or whatever you want to call it, where he talked a big game on ethics and schoolwork and all the rest, chose the route of a coward instead of a hero when faced with his biggest and MOST IMPORTANT test as a leader at PSU.

All this BS analysis we've heard boils down to one simple thing: wherever you are, whatever you do for a living (powerful or not), whoever you are surrounded by... when you find out that one of your peers is ****** kids or might be ****** kids, or is ****** or assaulting anyone for that matter, YOU GO TO THE ****ING POLICE with your evidence. This can't be hammered home enough in this country of rationalizations and feel-good crapola we live in today.

There is no "I'm not sure what our policy was on that", and "maybe I should use the chain of command", or "I have to think about the effects on all the good people in the program". Unless you're in the military, you call the police, you report a serious felony with evidence or corroborating witness statements, and you have the ****er arrested right THEN AND THERE. There is no other logical course of action (unless you consider confronting the rapist and beating the crap out of him a logical course - I could accept that in the case of the coach who witnessed stuff in the showers... but ultimately he was a coward as well).

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