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Originally Posted by sonsofcain View Post
I almost think you're kidding. Anyway, I go to Planet Fitness when I'm at school. It's horrible. Between semesters last year, they up and removed...everything. All the spots to bench press, gone; squats, gone; preacher curl thing, gone; all free-weight bars, gone. Etc. They now just have 3 or 4 of those machines where the bar is attached to the frame of the machine and slides up and down, so if you want to bench, squat, anything, you have to use those awful things. And I have to wait for pretty much everything and every weight. I couldn't care less if I'm less jacked than most of the d00ds at Gold's
They are called Smith Machines, brah. And, yea it sucks to bench on them

I'm not saying it's best for meeeeee(a number of the machines literally don't have enough weight on them for my max sets...feelsbadman.), I'm saying it's best for someone who doesn't like the gym "atmosphere"(lol) because it's focused around people who are "intimidated" by real gyms.

Like I said, when I go at 5AM, it works for me because there is no one there and a few of the few that are there, are serious about working out because...well, they are there at 5AM too.

Your college not have a gym or something? University of Phoenix? Why you stuck at the Playground Foradults?

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