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07-24-2012, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
God, I hate when people deal with the abstract and unprovable comments. This is a circular argument with no end because I can turn around and pull the same thing on you by saying Nach COULD become the greatest scorer the NHL will ever see due to playing with the Rangers but I won't because there is no basis for such a statement. That obviously hasn't stopped you from making outlandish statements like our 1st COULD be better than Nash ever was or will be. In that case, why didn't Columbus just trade Nash for a 1st round pick from a bottom feeder team? Because no one makes trades assuming that their 1st rounder will be a generational talent, except you.
Nash had a list of teams he would accept a trade too, and he wanted to go to a contender. Columbus probably didn't have the option of asking for Calgary's, Edmonton's, Anaheim's, or Montreal's 1st, and even if they did those teams may have said no.

There is a legitimate possibility our 2013 1st could be better than Nash. There is no possibility that Nash could become the greatest player ever.

Nash isn't a generational talent. He's a 30-30 player in the middle of his prime on an expensive contract. You are severely overrating him.

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