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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
1. what happened with Shayne Corson?

2. Of course Bettman can't do whatever he wants. There are league rules that he has to follow. Like, "have a draft, follow the CBA, this is how you process trades...." And if there's a rule in the CBA that talks about a player not being traded while there's an offer sheet that they've signed, then Bettman can't just make up rules that say, well, you can trade the player as long as you do it formally on a separate sheet of paper."
Assuming the facts of our hypothetical that the parties agreed, in writing, to make such a trade conditioned on the Predators' refusal to match the terms of the offer sheet, and then Philadelphia turned around and reneged, that Bettman would come down on them hard and put the trade through? Come on.

Again, it's moot, because the Flyers' organization wouldn't pull such a childish stunt. But the commissioner has a lot more power than you may believe.

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