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Originally Posted by execwrite View Post
Ian Cole - first-round draft pick. Highly touted by Blues.

Two years of pro experience.

It's time to see what he can do. Start the season on the first pair.
Why should his draft position, how touted he's been or his 2 yrs of pro experience matter?? Players should get rewarded with increased opportunities and/or icetime because of their play/performance/development. That's it. Besides, I wouldn't even say Cole's been that overly highly touted. Perhaps he's been overhyped by some fans but not directly from the Blues IMO.

What has Cole shown as a 6th d-man when others are injured to all of a sudden be ready for top pairing responsibility? Yes, of course Petro will play more minutes than his partner no matter who it is but the point is that Petro will be facing the opposing teams' top line(s) and thus so will his partner. Do you really think Cole is ready for that?

Regarding the argument of some that Cola wasn't very good thus Cole doesn't have a high bar to reach...shouldn't the Blues strive to be better than that?? Simply putting Cole in that spot simply because he's a lefty and the Blues need a lefty doesn't make sense IMO. The Blues need a 1st pairing LD while Cole is currently more of a 3rd pair LD with 2nd pair LD potential. Slotting him there is convenient but that doesn't make it a good idea.

The lack of a true top pairing LD was easily the team's biggest hole last season and as of today, it's an even bigger hole as the Blues have replaced Huskins with Woywitka and haven't replaced Cola yet. It's a huge gaping hole and band aids won't work IMO.

If the Blues do start the season with what they currently have, I'm sure Cole will be tried a bit with Peteo but the point of his poll is, do folks honestly think that will be successful in their guts? According to JR though, it sounds like if they do stick with what they have, pairings will likely be:


JR was also quick to say the other day that those lines would likely be a temporary solution (bandaid) while Army continues his search for a trade for a more permanent and much better fix to the most glaring weakness I the team.

I think the Blues could get by during the regular season with the current D corps but in the playoffs, would anyone really consider the Blues true Cup contenders with a D of Petro, Shatty, Jacks, Polak, Russell, Cole & Woywitka?? Imagine if Petro got hurt. It's a very weak D corps from a depth perspective. Shouldn't we strive for better than a band aid option of putting a kid like Cole on the top pairing?? Cole has 2nd pairing upside IMO but he can really only be trusted in 3rd pairing to borderline 2nd/3rd pairing opportunities at this point IMO.

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