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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
You consider Nash to be a generational talent, and if that's the case the odds of us getting a better player next year is probably below 5%, as in any given year there will be less than 1 player who is as good as Nash.

I consider Nash to be a 30-30 player, a star who isn't a superstar. He is not on the llevel of Hossa, Malkin, or Sedin. He wasn't in the top-50 last year for NHLers in terms of points. He wasn't even top-25 for goals. There are a lot of defenseman I'd take before Nash, over a dozen of them. In an average year there are three players as good as Nash or better, the Habs will be drafting high, and 2013 will be one of the deepest drafts ever. Thus, the odds of us getting a better player than Nash are thus much higher, maybe 30%.

I was one of the people praying that Gauthier wouldn't trade our 1st rounder this year. I was happy when we drafted Galchenyuk. I predict Galchenyuk will be better than Nash.
Woah tiger, I never said Nash was a generational talent, so let's not go putting words in my mouth.

As for you're assessment of Nah, you're entittled to your opinion. I disagree though.

Nash has scored less than 30 goals twice in his 10 year career. His rookie season (17) and in 2006 (27) in 75 games. His assist numbers are similar to his goal production as he's averaged .81 points per game. That puts him at around 67 point per season average on arguably the worst team in the NHL with almost no supporting cast for nearly all that time.

If Nash isn't a 40 goal scorer this year playing on a line withRichards, I'd be amazed. If you think he's more the player he was last year then the player he actually is, that's your call. I'll go with a guy who has true top end potential. Time will tell but I really like my odds. And as for any of our picks being better then Nash in the future or in the past. It hasn't happened yet so I don't know why youre so confident it will happen next year.

Btw, I wld LOVE to see your quantitative analysis as to how you got to the 30% odds of us drafting a better player than Nash. Please elaborate.

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