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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Or the third option: we found the money to match, but prefer to trade him the picks for players if the return is right, because the contract and bonuses will hamstring us.

As Dreger said, and was repeated in this thread, they may feel they can take the picks and deal them elsewhere, or would rather get Meszaros and a forward and a prospect for two of the picks, then deal the other two for JBo or Yandle. That would replace the first pairing they just lost pretty well, with two 20+minute guys.

What the Flyers did by going the OS route is try to force a trade. The only way Snider (and let's not kid ourselves, Ed is pulling the strings) can ensure he gets Weber is to make sure the Preds don't match by making it worth their while to walk away.

All that is left to be determined is will the best offer meet the final demand?
So you claim it is possible the Preds found the money to pay Weber. Lets say, that is possible. If you had your choice between Mez, a forward (We can say Read), and JBo or Weber.. In what world would you pick Mez, Read, JBo/Yandle... That is my point and I think a few others points of this.

And the Flyers did the OS route for 2 reasons. 1. the price for trading for weber was way too high, so going the offer sheet route assured that if the Flyers got weber it would cost presumably, 4 late first rounders. 2. Keep him out of the East, either the Flyers get him or the Preds. Not the Pens/Rangers/Bruins/Whoever was involved. Youre kidding yourself if you think Homer said "Hey lets sign Weber to a contract that the preds cant afford, but if they pretend they can afford it, i'll throw roster players and good assets at them because they will be forced to trade him now."

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