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07-24-2012, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Using that logic, then no league should be involved in suspensions of players or coaches that break the law/their variants of personal conduct policies. Law enforcement is involved in it's avenue, prosecuting the offenders of crimes. The NCAA is involved in it's realm, in the private administration of a collective of collegiate athletic departments. As such, the NCAA totally has power to enforce its own standards on its member institutions, and they rightfully deemed that Penn State was acting unbecoming of an NCAA institution by covering up over a decade of sexual abuse.

And yes, it affects the individual students and fans that had nothing to do with it, but tough break. Just about every NCAA sanction negatively affects people that had nothing to do with the original transgressions. Just because Penn State was able to keep it silent for long enough for most of the folks that were involved in the cover-up to be gone by the time that news finally broke doesn't mean that the university should magically get off from NCAA ramnifications for their own actions, nor should the very real fact that the university will be dealing with score of civil and criminal investigations/court cases in the next several years.
What? How do you get to no league should suspend people from what I said? That doesn't even make any sense in this situation since it wasn't a single player or coach who was the offender.

Secondly, about the NCAA's realm, the purpose of the NCAA is regulate athletics. This was not a case of paying recruits, or cheating, it was a criminal case. The athletics were indirectly related to the crime.

The NCAA, the chair said, had never gotten involved in punishing schools for criminal behavior.

"The criminal courts are perfectly capable of handling these situations," the former chair said. "This is a new phase and a new thing. They are getting into bad behavior that are somehow connected to those who work in the athletic department.

"This is an important precedent. And it should be taken with extreme care."
And if they're getting into regulating schools based on illegal actions of a few people, where is there sanctions for the Syracuse basketball program?

Thirdly, it's just a tough break that more people who are completely innocent have to be negatively impacted by Sandusky? Why should they have to brought into this? The damage done to them should be as little as possible. That is my entire point. The students/athletes had nothing to do with the crime, yet they have a lot to do with the punishment

The NCAA's decisions often do revolve around money, but in this circumstance they made the decision that the ultimate lesson that could be sent was sending a shock to Penn State's pocket books by the fine, loss of access to bowl games, and loss of scholarships to hopefully jolt the university awake into realizing the severity of the transgressions that were committed, which I'm not even confident that a significant portion of the fanbase even realizes fully.
The NCAA's decisions always revolve around money. The shock was sent when this info leaked. Nothing the NCAA can do will be as damning as this story being everywhere, nor will it have as big an impact on those who truly deserve punishment as the criminal charges they should be convicted of.

Finally, as for the track example.... call me crazy, but if I was getting prosecuted for covering up a felony, the last thing on my mind would be decades' old records. Not to mention that if my coverup involved a murder on school grounds and my coverup lead to more murders on school grounds, then the high school in question actually would have pretty solid recourse in trying to erase me from the record books and never speaking of me again like a modern day Herostratus.
You completely missed the point. Removing wins is meaningless, and acting like the games never took place is nonsensical for everyone who took part in them, or remembers them. All it does is trivialize the situation. That was the point.

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