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07-24-2012, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
Who's actually saying this makes Gillis a genius? We just spent a week listening to many of our knee jerk reactionary fans calling him an idiot because he didn't go the offer sheet route, which he thought would only get matched so he figured the only way to get Weber would be as a UFA next year. Getting matched doesn't necessarily make Holmgren an idiot either, perhaps after talking to Weber he got the impression that Philly wasn't his preferred UFA destination, so the only way they could get him was to gamble and call Nashville's bluff that they could match.

Really the only idiots left here is our own lemming fans who started jumping off bridges as soon as the offer sheet was signed.
I was using hyperbole that was equal to the insanely stupid reactions. Reading the last page of the Weber thread it was "Well, Holmgren is an idiot", "Well Gillis is pretty smart, I guess", and before the matching it was "Smart offer by Holmgren", " Gillis".

It's just something I noticed, there is never any in between on a subject/topic.

In the end, no one is worse/better. Though, you can argue that 29 other teams are losers.

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