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07-24-2012, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Lard_Lad View Post
So if capgeek's right, Weber gets $27m in cash (base + guaranteed bonus) in each of the next four years, and $20m in the following two.

Even before this, Nashville's owners have had to put average of $20m a year of their own money into the team over the last five years (although that's been improving), and the city kicks in several million more. Unless the CBA makes some really major adjustments, they're going to be bleeding badly for the next half-decade.
You are reading capgeek wrong. Signing bonusses are included in "NHL salary". So it's a $13 million at once payment when the contract is signed, and then $1 million spread out over the season as regular salary, for the first year. In the following years I think the signing bonus is payed on July 1st.

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