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07-24-2012, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
Gotta think the Flyers knew that Nashville would match and just did so no one else could acquire him. Frustrating.
Nah. It was a predatory move on Holmgren's part, plain and simple. He gambled that if he made his OS massive enough, Nashville simply wouldn't have the money to match. I was wondering if they did, myself. In the end, Nashville made the only choice they could. 4 1st round picks is a pitiful return for Weber especially considering those picks would almost certainly be in the low end of the round, and it would have really sent interest in NHL hockey in Nashville plummeting off a cliff if their fans watched Suter, Weber and Radulov all bugger off in the same offseason with only an extra draft pick in the next 4 drafts coming back their way. IMHO, it would have sent a clear message that the Preds are still a small money feeder team for the big boys. Now Weber's a Predator for life. Dammit. Oh well, at least we know Gillis read the situation right and not even an offer sheet the size of Liberia's national debt could pry Weber out of Nashville.

And I can't believe people are saying Weber wants out just because he signed the OS. Seriously, that's $110 million dollars. Look at that number. What would you do for $110 million? I look at the list I mentally draw up, and "play hockey in a different city" is nowhere near the top of the list. Weber's not made of stone, guys.

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