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07-24-2012, 03:57 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
Wrote this on the main board, but now that it's all over, I would've offered the Predators the following package for Weber:

Brayden Schenn
Luke Schenn
Jakub Voracek OR Matt Read (Poile chooses)
Flyers 2013 first round pick

Then I'd have gone real hard after Shane Doan to fill one of the vacant forward spots. Is the above a **** ton to give up, and will most people cry "omg thank god you're not homer herp derp"? Probably. I just take that to mean the value is probably pretty close. Flame away, children.
It sounds to me that Poile wanted Schenn and Couts and not one or the other which to me is way uncalled for... hence the offersheet which Poile and the ownership took umbrage too and felt the Flyers pushed them around. Kind of an unfair characterization considering we were just leveraging the chip we had which was deep pockets. From Holmgren's standpoint he was offended that Poile perhaps wouldn't budge on Couts and Schenn and Poile was offended that we opened the vault on him. All things considering the both of them drove a hard bargain and should consider it a draw from a personal level. If Poile is ******** then that is on him for walking around with his boxer's on backwards mimimicking his butt buddy Howson!

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