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07-24-2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Diamonddog01 View Post
I disagree. It was pretty obvious he wanted to get paid prior to lifetime contracts being abolished with the new CBA.
Key wasn't the term, it's the fact that this contract on a small market team with the front loaded salary was an indication that there was a chance that NSH wouldn't be able to afford him since there is a lockout looming. 14 million is tough to bite for a small market team.

Originally Posted by opendoor View Post
Just like Sakic, Kesler, Ohlund, and Backes wanted out?

If Weber wanted to cut ties with the Predators he made about the stupidest possible decision he could have in signing an offer sheet. Why would you give a team you didn't want to play for the option to match your contract and be tied to them for 14 years without any kind of NMC/NTC?
Quite obvious that NSH during contract negotiations weren't willing to laydown the term he wanted isn't it? Why should a player sign a contract? NSH obviously wanted make an offer that perhaps wasn't as long in term. However, when Philly pushes their weight around like they did it was a great effort. When I first thought about it, I thought that NSH wouldn't be able to match simply because they're a small market team. I think the NMC and NTC was a hiccup on the Flyers and Agent's part though because they're asking for it now. Who knows.

None of those offer sheets were for 14 years let alone with a whopping 26 million front loaded to a small market franchise. This contract could have been structured so he is still paid the same amount with the same cap hit but without all the bonuses at the beginning of the contract no? Shea knew exactly what he was doing and good on the Preds for showing the commitment because if he left, the Preds would have massive issues selling tickets.

Yes I know the 26 million is over two seasons, but if this lockout happens and it's another year gone...that could spell financial trouble for the owners. Obviously that they matched they don't think it'll be an issue. So it took an offersheet for the NSH to finally give into the term? Kind of commitment is that to a player let alone your franchise player?

Originally Posted by BlueLineBlast View Post
Then why did he sign an offersheet knowing that the Preds could (and did) match? That seems like a person who wanted a certain dollar and term amount rather than someone who desperately wanted to leave Nashville. I would think that he would have demanded a trade if he wanted out that badly.
How do you know that he knew they would match? Because if you're in the mind of Shea Weber, please enlighten me.

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