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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
And I was thinking of you when a posted "hardly anyone". You always are a cut above the rest TG!
Nah, we all have our strengths around here yourself included. Mine is just more about which of our kids have the best shot/ability to translate their games to the NHL level.

Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
Remember who Martinez beat out to win a regular spot on the roster? A position on the blueline opened up after the Kings dealt Kyle Quincey to Colorado. Martinez was in competition against Thomas Hickey, Jake Muzzin, Davis Drewiske and Peter Harrold to secure a spot on the blueline.

Muzzin actually won out the battle in camp that year and started the season on the roster and appeared in 11 games with the Kings through mid-November before he was sent down. Drewiske was also struggling to hold down a spot in the regular rotation, and by late November, Martinez had secured himself a permanent roster spot. His play dictated that decision and he outplayed Hickey and Muzzin to earn that spot.

Which goes back to what I was saying... these kids aren't going to be given spots on the blueline any time soon and I don't see how they'll be on the opening night roster unless one of them offseats Drewiske as the 7th defenseman on the roster.
My debate with you is only centered around your position regarding our prospects not being ready to play in the NHL and your low opinion of Muzzin's talent. The rest of what you are saying makes as much sense as anything else.

Muzzin, Hickey, DD44 are all NHL ready D men. Each could play as regular's on several NHL rosters around the league and would not only be desirable players if offered but would establish themselves as top 4 (Muzz 4/5 Hickey 4/5 and DD44 5/6 imo) valued players in short time imho.

That is my position. Rather or not they should unseat any of our established players hasn't really been part of what I have been saying.

That said, I think that Muzzin could replace Greene on the ice if needed and by the end of the season would do a good enough job as our 3rd pairing stay at home D type with better O upside. He wouldn't be as gritty as Greene but Muzz is a much better skater and has better hands then Greene so there would be trade offs as the two approach the game differently.

Do I want this to happen? Not really but if it had to for some reason (injury, trade etc) I think we would be fine.

Do I think Muzzin could unseat Greene or any of our established vets just yet? It doesn't work that way. Could his game improve enough to where DL would have greater leverage to make a deal knowing that Muzz is ready to step in like the VV/JJ situation?

Absolutely but I don't think it will happen nor do I think it necessarily should. Simply because a player proves themselves NHL ready doesn't mandate that a move be made to make room for them on an NHL roster. Not on a good team that is having solid success anyways.

That is the thing to me, A Mart making the team was inevitable to me in the same way that Muzzin, Hickey, Forbort, Gravel and Deslauriers making the NHL someday is inevitable. That is what I am saying. Rather or not it will be with the Kings is debatable but the fact that each of these players have NHL caliber skills and should play at the NHL level (with Muzzin and Hickey both being ready today) someday soon is just a matter of time imho.

If there was any interest I would do my rank and rate our prospects thing like I have in the past and post it on the boards for debate.

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