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Trade Rumors and Proposals Thread


Originally Posted by Jimmi Jenkins View Post
The biggest thing is the Preds can't "get anything" for including this, as far as I know. They can't shave dollars or signing bonuses, so they stand to GAIN nothing from giving Weber's camp this, so it seems unlikely to me.
Originally Posted by Pennertration View Post
A 14-year injury bug? They'll be fine. This gives them a lot of time to figure out what to do with Weber, even if he ends up being a jerk about it - and I'm not sure that he will.
Originally Posted by worraps View Post
If he doesn't agree to a contract without a NTC does that void Nashville matching and leave him as a perpetual RFA?

If so I'm starting to understand the Weber camp's strategy here.
Originally Posted by Pennertration View Post
Really like that Nashville is matching. Gives them control over the asset again and puts them in the driver's seat in terms of asking price. There's a pretty nice floor in terms of what they can ask for in return for Weber.
Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
I wouldnt be surprised to see Weber want out after a calendar year. Him and his agent have made it clear imo that they want to play elsewhere. I guess Nash thinks one year of overpaying for Weber is worth for a better return than just taking 4 1sts.

Nashville needs to pray Weber doesnt get hit with an injury bug.
Originally Posted by Skm View Post
Except what about the real possibility in the new CBA that there is a 5 or 7 year cap on contracts? This would have given him probably $50M more...I can't blame a guy for not wanting to leave that kind of money on the table..
Originally Posted by Ace35 View Post
What he said!!

If Weber wanted absolute control of his future, he needed to be patient one more season.

See ya
Originally Posted by okgooil View Post
Ya, no idea why they would give him that. Just means that when Weber throws a fit and wants out he gets to give them a list of teams. It makes no sense what so ever. I can't believe that Weber even asked for one.
Originally Posted by hockeyaddict101 View Post
If they do that I will question their sanity. In one year Weber would ask for a trade and they have basically hooped themselves.
Originally Posted by Jimmi Jenkins View Post
Yes, the Rick Nash situation should give them alot of pause on the idea of the NTC/NMC.
Originally Posted by hockeyaddict101 View Post
I was out to lunch. Craig Button tweets.

Article 10.3 (b) allows for additional terms as may be agreed upon between RFA & prior club. So Nashville & Weber could agree on NTC/NMC.


Not sure why the Predators would do so but.....
Originally Posted by JustinCider View Post
Teams would be lined up to get him. I really don't think the Preds had a choice, they had to match. The deal from Philly would of had to have been unreal, let's say...

B. Schenn
L. Schenn
1st Round Pick

Something like that. The bad thing for Shea is, this probably prevents the Preds from making any major improvements to the team over the next 4 years. They'll continue to be a solid team, playoff contender, anywhere from 4th to 10th in the West. I'm sure Weber wanted the deal to go through. He got his money, but he's never gonna win a cup in Nashville. The packages for him next summer are gonna be huge.

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