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12-02-2003, 01:29 PM
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Habsolution, my patience is more due to indifference then patience. I don't exactly support this decision but I'm not against it. This season is going no where so why not light a fire under a few guys. Juneau can play all he wants, he won't be there for the future but I think we all know Bob Gainey, he doesn't do a move without reasoning first. To me, this is sending a message to Ribeiro, just like he did with Hainsey and Hossa. He's not saying: Ribeiro, your gonna get 70 points this year or else. They want consistency, thats how you win, thats why you need your future players to be consistent. BG made comments about Koivu, and he elevated his game, BG made comments about Ribeiro, but its obvious he hasn't stepped it up. He's been good but lately he hasn't tried as hard as he could.

Personnaly, I like Ribeiro and I see good potential. I didn't used to because of his attitude and lack of work ethic, but that has changed(his season thus far is very good for a 23 year old) and I'm affraid all this overhyping might've gotten to his head. I can't really argue against management because I'm not a hockey genius nor do I clame to be and thus far they haven't showed me anything to be mad about. People like to blame CJ, but please at least put BG there too because, these days, GM have a huge say in what happens, this is clearly a thought out move. Its not like benching him one game will either make us miss the playoffs or destroy his confidence.

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