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07-24-2012, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
I'm totally opposed to playing Gally in the wings, don't ask why I can't explain it, but I could see that being a pimp 3rd line with size and scoring, especially if it's completed by Moen.

I'm also expecting BIG things fro Eller this season. It's the first off-season where he actually got to properly train and not be hindered by recovery so he will be in great shape and ready to roll. Hopefully he makes Plekanec expendable and we can trade him to make room for Gally at center.
Yeah, god forbid we actually have two awesome two-way centres. What's with the "I can't wait until some young player blossoms so we can ditch the veteran who's not even that old and is a way better player than him."

**** that, if Eller develops into Plekanec #2, that's awesome and an even better reason NOT to trade Plekanec. We want depth, depth, depth which you don't get by trading Plekanec who's in his prime as soon as a younger player becomes serviceable. You keep BOTH, that's how you become a great team. If you have both of those guys, all of a sudden Desharnais becomes this awesome little Danny Briere style offensive weapon. Three offensive centres, two of which can play awesome at both ends of the ice (Eller and Pleks)? You don't braek that up, you roll with it!

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