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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
I didn't want to make another thread, so I dug this one out.

Many of the posters were bashing PG for the way he handled things, more of on his own type way, no real communication and no real leadership.

And as fan that kinds sucks, but how much does that have an affect on how the the team is doing.

Two key things of the article I wanted to point out.

First Gill talked about how management was too business like, and he compared it to Nashville whose management was open minded and asked for players feedback.

With how things played out in Nashville is that really the best way to manage a team?

Poile said he spoke to Gill about AK before trading for him, and Weber about bringing back Radulov. Both moves didn't go as hoped.

Another part was the way management traded guys, being objective, it seemed like managment told players they are trading them but can't officially tell them where until its an official trade by the league, this way players won't find out on their own. Ex most recent example some of the Rangers players from the Nash trade, found out through the net about them getting traded, and the Rangers called them after the trade call with the league went thru.
It depends on what kind of feedback. Makes perfect sense for Gill to be asked about AK because he could tell them alot about him and they could use that to help decide if hed be a good fit. Dont know why they asked Weber about Radulov because Weber wouldnt have known anything more about him than management. Management should keep an ear open to players , like when Habs vets went to management and said we needed to get bigger and tougher, the players knew what we were missing on the ice. Management has to manage though and you shouldnt overdue it with players opinions because that could lead to some nonsense and discord if players are always shooting their mouths off about we should do this or that etc.

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