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07-24-2012, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
I'm not buying that we need defense. We have a talented group who need to put their big boy pants on, realize Uncle Pronger isn't there to guide them, and play their system to perfection. Would Weber have been great? Absolutely. You never pass up that opportunity if it's there for the taking. I'm glad Homer took the chance, but our D as is should be fine.

As to your edit, I mentioned Hartnell in my original post. You help prove my point. Take a good career player and stick him with Giroux and he'll light it up. That's always been the contradictory response..."no we don't need Nash/Ryan/etc because we have no idea if he'll play well with Giroux, and we have Scott Hartnell, why do we need those guys?" Cmon now. 67 points next to a 93 point center, I understand he only played there 7/8ths the season, and it was a career high, but we need higher totals than that from our "elite" wingers
You don't buy that we need defense? We don't have a real number 1 defenseman. Currently, our offense is likely good enough to drive for a Cup. Our defense is far from being at that level, barring some surprises. We don't have a #1, or anybody who looks like they could fill that role. What teams post lockout have won it all with Ds like that?

Ryan is not a need.'s not like he's playing on lines with bums right not.

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