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07-24-2012, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by TOML View Post
What we know about offersheets: Which ones will be matched and which will be accepted:

Any offer on Jamie Benn: Matched
Any offer on Evander Kane: Matched
A 6yr, 40mil offer for Jakub Voracek: Accepted
A 3yr, 9mil offer for Tom Sestito: Accepted

The last 3 to be accepted were Penner, Corson, and Gratton. All three were massively overpaid and all three never went on to do anything with their new teams.

Offersheets are signed as a way for players to get their existing teams to buck up. That's it. Cheers.

I don't agree with the bolded, per se.

I truly believe Weber signed the offer-sheet with the idea that Nashville wasn't going to step up to the plate with that kind of coin. And it's still pretty shocking to me that their ownership was able to do so even though it was the right move.

IMO, Shea Weber's prerogative is to play for a contending team. Sure the money is there, but he's going to get that offer anywhere he drifts to in this league. Philidelphia was a greener pasture to him and he bit on that opportunity.

As for your example of successful offer-sheets being a sign of them yielding negative results... although at the time, the Dustin Penner contract seemed rather inflated, it turned out very well for the team who signed him to it. He turned out to be an offensive catalyst in Edmonton and his trade in the final year of his contract yielded a similar return to the compensation that Anaheim had received.

And with teams like Florida inflating contracts and taking on high cap players just to hit the cap-floor, it wouldn't be surprising to see teams like them targeting middle-ground players from cap-heavy teams as an alternative. It would definitely make for a more interesting off-season.

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