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Originally Posted by STL fan in IA View Post
So by not answering the question are you admitting that Cole hasn't earned the right?

Regarding Cola and Huskins, I would say that they proved a lot more in the league a year ago than what Cole has proven to now but beyond that though and to the crux of my argument - SHOULDN'T WE STRIVE FOR BETTER??? The question isn't, "given what the Blues have, would you be ok with trying Cole paired with Petro?". The question is, "At what responsibility level are you comfortable with Cole playing?". That's not the same question at all. Would you honestly feel comfortable with Cole on the top pairing going agasint the opposing top lines? Do you honestly consider the Blues to be Cup contenders with Cole on the top pairing?
I've said I am just fine with Cole playing around 18 minutes a game, which was what Colaiacovo and Huskins did when they were paired with Pietrangelo. I have full confidence that Cole would do just fine in the role that those 2 played.

I feel like some people are twisting the words of people who are high on Cole. No one is saying that he is one of our best defenseman, but for the best balance and pairings, he would do well with Pietrangelo.

Pietrangelo is the caliber of player that can make his partner look a lot better, Colaiacovo and Huskins are prime examples. Huskins was signed to be a 7th and Pietrangelo made him look solid on the 1st pairing.

Remember when Pronger and MacInnis were here and they played with crap partners. Jackman got started with MacInnis, what did he do to earn that at the time? The benefit of having Norris caliber defensemen, is that you don't have to have top caliber partners for them. They make other pairings better because you can put more talented players together on the 2nd and 3rd pairings.

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