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07-24-2012, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Viller View Post
Im not trolling anyone. Its reality. The Flyers are a worst team than last year, what do you expect to happen?

edit: So you are insunuating that im trolling the Flyers board? I have a ****ing Flyers temple in my basement. So yeah...
edit2: Feel like I need to explain here, the Flyers aren't a bad team, far from that. But they aint a Cup contender by any means. Thats all Im saying.
I think insinuating that the Flyers have sunk so low that Shane Doan wouldn't consider playing for them is a bit....let's say "fatalistic".

I'm not arguing that they're better then last year. But I also think it's pretty foolish to act as if all teams progress in some linear fashion. With all the young guys taking large roles and Bryz being Bryz, it's possible for them to take a step forward without looking in July that they have more "talent". Teams far more talented then the 2010 group didn't make the Finals, for example. Some of the Flyers more talented teams got jacked up in Round 1.

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