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07-24-2012, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by hckyplayer8 View Post
I never said the D wasn't a problem.

Its just funny how Bryz played like a maniac in March with the exact same D in front of him.

I would say our troubles last year were 75% Bryz, 24% D and 1% anal seepage.
you left the word delicious out of the anal seepage part. other than that your percentages reflect a highly skilled mathematician sucka. ow. no. i think he started well. got a false sense of security early, then the defense went in the crapper (pronger went down, other guys banged up) , he started to let in crappers, lost his confidence then lavi started the whole carousel which didn't help his confidence, then right after the all star break laviolette verbally states to the media that bryz is gonna be the guy down the stretch which ignites some confidence and he starts to play like the goalie he truly is. then he breaks his foot from that numb nuts voracek and we go into a psychotic series with the pens and we decide offense is the best defense and you get mixed results again. the end. he is a good goalie. you need not look farther than that winnipeg game to really capsulize the way they played in front of both goalies too often. he needs to be better but more importantly the defense needs to exist in some way for any goalie to thrive.

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