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07-24-2012, 10:01 PM
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I was left wanting more on on the actual documentary side of things as I felt it was too much "here's a goal" and not enough of the game within the game, especially because you know they have a ton of awesome stuff from micing up the players but they really hold back.

Think about how they used to mic up Lawrence Taylor and other bad-***** in the get classic moments that add to the LT legend such as him going crazy telling that guy "You better hope I don't get back in there or I'm going to kick your bleepy bleep bleep...." The NHL seems to pull the plug right before it gets juicy, making you think all these guys ever say is "C'mon boys!".

The extras are plentiful but this disc will do nothing for those of you hoping to clear space out on your DVR anytime soon. Hopefully there will be a box set containing full games later on. I just feel the documentary doesn't do a good job of capturing the intensity of the games...doesn't even show the Hanzal board or Smith hack on Brown, even though they sell the "Get in Mike Smith's head" angle.

The NHL guys are definitely not NFL Films, not even close. Still, you need to buy this thing. Do it now though before it goes to standard, above $30 price tag.

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