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07-24-2012, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by me2 View Post
I don't think so.

1) any attempt to screw Nashville over in a trade using July 1 as leverage is doomed to backfire. Nashville will just pay the $13m and then keep Weber for the entire year. Screw yourself worse than you screw Nashville in that scenario, at least they has a norris level guy.

2) Weber is VERY wanted. Just as Nashville might want to avoid the $13m hit, any trading team would want to get the deal done before Nashville keeps him for a year. It's a 2-way deadline, and you are dealing for a guy you really want. Hardball really only works when the player is meh, forcing a team and a surplus luxury to your team.

3) A dozen other teams are after him too. More than one of them will not play hardball.

You don't **** around in a situation like that, find a mutual deal then bang july 1 deal and pay.
I imagine the only time Nashville would even entertain the idea of trading Weber was if he asked to be moved, in which case keeping him another year isn't really an option. If Weber isn't disgruntled, Nashville probably wouldn't dream of trading him, especially after paying 1/4 of his contract value in the first year.

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