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07-24-2012, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
My debate with you is only centered around your position regarding our prospects not being ready to play in the NHL and your low opinion of Muzzin's talent. The rest of what you are saying makes as much sense as anything else.
I'm just not as sold and confident in him being ready to play regularly in the NHL. Sure it could happen someday like we saw with what happened in Detroit when they had no room for Quincey, waived him, got claimed by the Kings and broke out as a stud, middle pairing defenseman. His stock went up and the Kings used him as an asset and acquired a proven top six forward at that time in Ryan Smyth. I just think that it could go either way with him.

He could be a Drewiske or the other name I brought up, Aaron Rome and be a #6-7 dman on the depth chart, or he could be on the other end of the spectrum and struggle to stick on a roster. I remember thinking Joe Piskula might have a shot some day since he had a lot of size, but he's been a mainstay in the AHL thus far. I don't know why you think I have a low opinion of Muzzin, I'm just skeptical when people pencil in prospects as surefire NHLers. I usually reserve those claims for the first-second round guys who can do something that makes them standout above all the other best players in their age groups.

Muzzin, Hickey, DD44 are all NHL ready D men. Each could play as regular's on several NHL rosters around the league and would not only be desirable players if offered but would establish themselves as top 4 (Muzz 4/5 Hickey 4/5 and DD44 5/6 imo) valued players in short time imho.

That is my position. Rather or not they should unseat any of our established players hasn't really been part of what I have been saying.
If that were the case and there are other league execs out there who believe that to be true, I would think that Lombardi would have received some offers, or at the very least do them a favor and move them in order for them to pursue other opportunities. With all three players being eligible for waivers, two out of the three that you listed will have to pass through waivers.

I don't foresee the Kings having all three players on the roster next season. There may be an opportunity for them to get claimed, but I think it's also likely that teams pass on them as they'd have the same dilemma of having to sneak them by waivers. That is unless there is a team out there that plans on keeping Muzzin, Hickey or Drewiske on their pro roster.

That said, I think that Muzzin could replace Greene on the ice if needed and by the end of the season would do a good enough job as our 3rd pairing stay at home D type with better O upside. He wouldn't be as gritty as Greene but Muzz is a much better skater and has better hands then Greene so there would be trade offs as the two approach the game differently.

Do I want this to happen? Not really but if it had to for some reason (injury, trade etc) I think we would be fine.

Do I think Muzzin could unseat Greene or any of our established vets just yet? It doesn't work that way. Could his game improve enough to where DL would have greater leverage to make a deal knowing that Muzz is ready to step in like the VV/JJ situation?

Absolutely but I don't think it will happen nor do I think it necessarily should. Simply because a player proves themselves NHL ready doesn't mandate that a move be made to make room for them on an NHL roster. Not on a good team that is having solid success anyways.
I don't think Muzzin can replace Greene, at all. Greene is the most physical defenseman on the Kings (and arguably on the roster). He's big, he's mean, he clears the crease, and he's a leader. Muzzin certainly does have the potential to bring more to the table in terms of puck play, but Matt Greene is one of the go-to-guys on the team when the Kings are protecting a lead in the dying moments of a game. Muzzin doesn't have that same presence on the blueline and doesn't play with the same intensity or voracity as Greene does.

I think he could fill in with spot duty here and there for the time being, like you suggested, if there is an injury. Someone from the current top six would really have to fall off the map if any of the aforementioned trio crack the Kings' rotation next season.

That is the thing to me, A Mart making the team was inevitable to me in the same way that Muzzin, Hickey, Forbort, Gravel and Deslauriers making the NHL someday is inevitable. That is what I am saying. Rather or not it will be with the Kings is debatable but the fact that each of these players have NHL caliber skills and should play at the NHL level (with Muzzin and Hickey both being ready today) someday soon is just a matter of time imho.
Based on his play from the playoffs and over the course of the season, I think Martinez can and should be considered as a good candidate to move up the rankings on the blueline. I'd like to see him get more minutes next season, especially on the 2nd PP unit.

If there was any interest I would do my rank and rate our prospects thing like I have in the past and post it on the boards for debate.
That would be great. In particular, I would be interested to see how you rank the defensive prospects now that Voynov has graduated and is no longer considered a prospect. I agree with what you said above concerning Gravel, I think his stock went up with his play at the WJC. I've been pleasantly surprised with his development.

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