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07-24-2012, 11:19 PM
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I know the Lakers have been the big draw, but I've always considered it the Kings building. AEG owns it and, most importantly, the purple of the seats is closer to the Kings purple than the Laker's purple.

So the seat color settles it. The question should be if they will build an arena for the Lakers

All kidding aside, the Clippers are the guy living in the garage to help bring our rent down that we have to hide from the landlord. They would be the first to go but there is no appetite to build a comparable arena just for the Clippers.

As much as the crazy weekend at Staples during this years playoffs was a pain in the ass, mainly because of the bike race and the Kings getting the shaft as far as scheduling, the buzz it drew was tremendous for the LA sports scene. I mean, it was THE sports story of that weekend and had never been seen before. Pretty damn unique.

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