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07-25-2012, 03:33 AM
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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Gauthiers calculated moves to acquire talent and not sacrifice picks/prospects allowed the habs to hold exceptional positions at the draft. Without these positions odds are high we would have not gotten one of the afforementioned players.

If you think Gauthier was actually trying to make the playoffs after that start you should clue in.

Many other GMs would have dumped picks for vets in some sad half assed attempt to get in but we didn't. Gauthier played the long game probably knowing the backlash he would enjoy from the "fanbase" (and I use this term loosely)

Add the two 2nd round picks for next year to that list and Patrick Holland, I forgot them.
im not crazy about gauthier trading players in the middle of games or anything but

i have to say my animosity directed at gauthier isnt really as extreme as most posters on here, its really insane how much flack hes getting and some of it IS warranted, but the things you point out cant be ignored either, gauthier acquired a number of picks when molson finally DID shut the season down

but there were rumblings that molson forced gauthier to do everything and anything in his power to keep the season alive and make the playoffs by any means necessary, which calls into question trades like kaberles (BUT also trades like wizniewski's, but since that one worked out, nobody rly wants to give him credit now do they)

i do get it, he just SEEMEd like a real jerk sometimes, a real snobby smug looking guy
but i can never truly HATE him like most of you do simply for the fact he had the BALLS to make one of the biggest decisions in the history of the franchise (a decision i really thought Gainey just could not bring himself to make or handle, maybe a reason for stepping down) And that is of course Trading playoff sensation Jaroslav Halak over potential perennial All-star Carey Price (alrdy 3 timer)

i can project myself back to those days, how it was absolutely impossible for me to think price was going to be kept over halak, in what WORLd could somebody trade a guy after doing what he did, and he DID it, .. has it truly completely payed off? cant tell NOW now, but i dont think we finish any better than we did with halak this season, and i STILL maintain, price is the better goalie, no matter what, and i thank pierre for that.

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