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07-25-2012, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by bhuya71 View Post
He won't obviously turn the team around but what he provides has a snowball effect.

His toughness (plus Therrien and Bergevin's philosophy) and fearlessness allows for Moen and White to toughen up their games and consequently Armstrong

His pking ability frees up minutes for offensive minded players i.e. Pleks, Gio, Eller.

His style is defined and he fits his role perfectly. No more forwards thrown into limbo i.e. palushaj, darche, etc. who are either not gritty bottom 6 players or are more skill players expected to play a grinder's game

His willingness to protects teammates creates chemistry and a sense of camraderie that goes missing when teammates puss out and don't protect their homies

So ya he may not turn our team around himself but his presence and consequently what it does to our depth chart should at least turn the team's philosophy and character around some more

Now teams will be coming into the Bell Centre facing an insane home crowd and a few tough customers who won't take crap i.e. White, Moen, Armstrong, Prust, Cube... lol I almost forgot we had Cube
Absolutely. We often talk about the Bruins and we often get into a debate about whether we are talking about becoming a goon team and questioning whether it works because Bruins players still get dirty hits made on them and so forth. To me, the main thing about Bruins toughness is that since they do have several real tough guys the team has a culture of playing tough. Playing tough isnt primarily about fights, its about hitting the other team hard, going into the corners and the other nasty places on the ice, not shying away from the physical part of the game. Look at Horton, when he was in Florida he was a very good player but I thought he was a bit soft, but after coming to Boston I think he developed into a power forward because he developed a more physical game. Id love to see that in Montreal, where our nucleus of real toughs affects the whole team so that even the smaller guys or players we dont consider tough hit more and harder and dont shy away from the nasty places on the ice but instead throw themselved headlong into them, and yes, not put up with crap from the other team. Then teams playing us will feel the bruises as they mount up during the game and will get tired out from our physical play etc. Having skill is still primary, but a tough physical game can also affect the outcome of games when its added onto having a core of skilled players.

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