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07-25-2012, 08:33 AM
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What kind of message does it send to the players that they'll have job security if they just sort of fart along for a season?

The message that should be sent is that the team will do what's right for every player's development. As he appeared last season, he's not good enough for the top-six, and he's not destined for a bottom-six role. So why should he be on the team and not in Syracuse where they can bring him along in the role to take advantage of the potential the scouts saw when he was drafted?

(I'm not saying that they should make him into a one dimensional offensive player, but if he proves his worth in SYR, he'll get put on the ice in all situations, where he wouldn't in Tampa Bay)

They might have been afraid of another Pool Noodle situation, but a hockey player's career is filled with obstacles, and Wright's situation was made worse methinks because the regime change reset his standing within the organization. (even when some of us online were trying to tell them otherwise)

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