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07-25-2012, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Not a Fish View Post
An hour late? I heard that they were making their way back from an after hours club at 5am.
Anyways, The fact that both these free agents are without work speaks volumes about how serious their breaking of curfew is viewed around the NHL.
Or how much the media build up (most of it fiction, it would seem) has influenced the opinion of other GMs. I mean, where did you hear about an after hours club at 5 am? I mean, the Radulov statement that CBC seemed to get a hold of at the time "hinted the rule violation may have been curfew, saying he didn't come back that late."

I don't think 5 am fits into anyone's definition of "not that late".

So if other GMs, prevented (of course) from knowing the exact details of an internal discipline matter on a competing club, have been biased by the kind of (possibly) fabricated media BS and random isolated/anonymous reports you heard as well... then... maybe the simple act of missing curfew isn't what they see as the possible "biggest problem"; rather, what they are presumed to have been doing that caused them to break curfew.

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