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Originally Posted by Noori View Post
Edited the thread title so feel free to openly discuss.

I loved it. It wasn't quite as good as TDK but it's still an excellent send off.

Bane was excellent. He was intelligent, and downright brutal. My problem with Bane is that the second Miranda Tate is revealed to be Thalia Al-Ghul, Bane quickly becomes second fiddle. And the manner in which he gets blown up by Selina Kyle doesn't do his character justice.

I saw Miranda Tate as Thalia Al-Ghul the second her character was mentioned. I didn't, however, expect her to stab Batman, considering she is a major love interest int he comics. I saw Blake to be Robin as well. The thing I loved about Blake was that he was Robin without knowing he was Robin. Well done by Nolan with his character.

Selina Kyle was excellent as well. Anne Hathaway in that suit... um... yeah. Never mind the acting, just seeing her in that suit .

The ending was cheeky. I was pretty well convinced that Bruce Wayne was dead (considering Nolan had talked about giving the plot a definitive resolution). The only thing I don't quite understand is how upset Alfred is at Bruce's funeral, and then he doesn't even bat an eye when he sees Bruce in the cafe in Italy (the only way I can justify this is that Fox tells Pennyworth that Bruce fixed the autopilot and probably ejected and is alive somewhere).
I agree with a lot of this. IMO, TDK was better and can easily operate as a standalone movie. TDKR was great, but you definitely need to have watched Batman Begins, and maybe even TDK, to get the full effect of what's going on.

Not to say I called it, but I remember being one of the few among people I talked to about Anne Hathaway being a great choice for the role of Catwoman, and I was right on the money with that. I really like her as an actress, and she did a great job. Dat cat

I also don't need to mention Tom Hardy, because his performance was top notch.

As for the story, yeah, there were some plot holes, but overall I won't let it tarnish my memory of the movie. Seeing it at midnight was amazing.

PS obligatory man-crush respect mention for Joseph Gordon-Levitt (no homo)

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