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Originally Posted by KevyD View Post
Months ago, I mentioned that Semin was a bad idea for not only the Russian National team but also for an NHL team. I described him as poison.

Of course, all the Russian hockey fans came out of the woodwork and told me that I was crazy, that I knew nothing about hockey and that NHL teams would be chomping at the bit to get the Russian sniper.

Well, it is July 13th and no one wants Semin - as per Michael Tkaikos' article in today National Post refering to him as a "loser, "the ultimate coach killer" and "poison".

So... Where are the Semin apologists now?
Semin is just the latest target among those Canadian fans and journalists who just can't seem to get by without finding a Russian scapegoat to blame their woes on. The Washington Capitols are a very mediocre team that doesn't belong in the race for a Stanley Cup, but because they haven't won one, the presence of Semin is convenient for those who don't want to lay the blame on a Canadian. Everybody understands the situation - it was Vladimir Konstantinov who said, in referring to Canadian referees, that "they hate us (Russian players), and we hate them." With individual exceptions, it has pretty much always been a hate-hate relationship.

Semin has already made a fortune to last a lifetime in the NHL, and I would love to see him move to the KHL. In the KHL, he could get a huge paycheck and pay little or no taxes. He is a big name player, which could have the effect of encouraging other big name Russian players to jump to the KHL. He could focus his efforts to a greater degree on the national team, where he can clearly contribute. If no one signs him, then he is free to go to the KHL, so I hope that that is what he is maneuvering for.

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