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Originally Posted by kevindank View Post
This entire situation and offer sheets in general the past few years have been completely frustrating.

1. Why don't the flyers finally make an effort to draft Defensemen and Goalies in the first round of the Draft, and actually build a core rather then via trade/offer sheet.

2. Believe it or not, the hate most of you have for Matt Carle blinds you to the fact that he was an offensive defensemen which we are going to miss on the back end...we need outlet passes, Matt Carle's offense will be missed on D.

3. We do not need forward offense. No need for Shane Doan, Bobby Ryan, Rick Nash, Whoever else is the hot commodity this week. It's nice to have during the regular season and if someone can chip in goals during the playoffs then im for it, however come playoff time no one is scoring 6 goals a game...we need someone who can shut down Gaborik, Nash, Richards...Malkin, Crosby, Neal...someone who can clear the crease, keep guys to the outside and move the puck. We need a bigger puck moving defensemen that averages about 30 assists a year as well as a certified Shut down defensemen ( hard to find but easier if your looking for a 3-4 then a #1.) It may not be Shea Weber but it will be someone who can play 20+ minutes a game and preserve Timmonen for the playoffs.)

4. What the hell happened to everyone all crazy about Matt Read going into camp last year, i mean the guy was great for us and put up better then average numbers for a rookie last year and suddenly he's the big trading chip. The guy plays all positions including the point on the powerplay. The only way i'd move matt read is for a bonafied offensive defensemen under 35.

5. Why all the hate for Mez, he was hurt a lot last year but had some shining moments, i would keep Mez, he's an offensive mind larger body defensemen much like I described what we need...if his offensive numbers increase and he can stay healthy for us then thats a tremendous upgrade over last year.
1- Couldn't agree less. Flyers drafting has been as good as anyone in the league. Why would they change their method?

2- A whole bunch of secondary assists.

3- I agree we don't need any more offensive forwards. They tried to get Suter and then Weber. They got Schenn, who is year's removed from what point 1 would have gotten and you have to live with the growing pains. D take long to develop and goalies even longer.

4- Couldn't agree more.

5- Couldn't agree more.

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