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Originally Posted by MW View Post
I don't think it's all that tough to understand. A guy that has been with the team all year, and often longer than that, is a known commodity. An AHL call-up is usually less so. A coach wants to give the bigger minutes and roles to guys that he is extremely familiar with instead of players that he knows mostly from reports and training camp.

On top of that, it can also be a thing where you want to give a reward to the guys that have been with the team all year, working hard to get a chance when an opportunity presents itself. A big part of coaching at that level is managing the egos of an entire roster of players. Bumping guys up the chart when an injury strikes is a good way to keep guys working hard at those bottom 6 roles because they know you're not going to just parachute in someone from the minors instead of giving them a shot at the bigger roles they all want.
While I do see your point, shouldn't there be a limit to that? I understand if it's a third liner who works really hard and you give him a promotion to the second line for a bit. But he has no offensive talents whatsoever, is it really going to hurt their ego's to bring in someone with a better talent set? For example, Tanner Glass should not be playing on the third line at any point; yet we saw it.

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