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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
And that will lead us back into the greater issue of "who is the All-Star Game played for? Is it for the fans to see their favorites, or for the players to be honored for their play on the ice? Is it for a young player who had a hot start over the longtime veteran, never honored, who's near the end of his career?"
There is no single answer. Nor should there be. Just because I might not agree with who we target and why, that doesn't mean I think people should stop with their attempts.

Short answer, from my perspective, who the fans from the NHL want to see on the ice. Ultimately they play for our amusement. We have awards at the end of the year that recognize the players for their contributions. We also have the HoF for those that have had great careers.

Having said that, the voting system right now is a bit broken. I don't really have an idea what we should do about it, if anything.

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