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07-25-2012, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkMM View Post
Yeah, Wilson is a Canadian oil billionaire turned venture capitalist who had a brief spot on Canada's "Dragon's Den" (like the "Shark Tank" TV show for you US folks), as much as he's a Canadian, I've read interviews where even before he bought into the Preds, he's said he thinks of Nashville as a second home, has a home there, and bought into the Preds NOT to make money, but to be part of the team. Also old friends/business partners with one of the Preds owners.

So he's got the money to spend and happy to do it without it coming back to him. In fact, on Dragon's Den, he quickly got the reputation for "investing" in a business that likely wouldn't make him any money, but he liked the person/story/impact behind it.

I think another of the Preds owners in the last year made a quick $100 million-plus when he sold one of his companies, too, so they've got the capital behind them if they need it.
This is good insight..thanks to the both of you. Makes it better for Nashville if Wilson is operating more as a philanthropist of sorts as opposed to a profit hungry parasite in the Jamie Dimon of JPM and Lloyd Blankfein of GS mold...

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