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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
I'm growing tired of your BS. You have the annoying habit of inventing things left right and center. Where did I write he's a lock for the National Team? Find me where I wrote that. He is however a terrific young player with a great deal of upside who in my estimation quite deserving of an invite to a summer developmental camp.
Mr. Writer, growing tired of BS? That's a huge irony! You were the guy who invented the premise that there is a lot of talk among high level IIHF and Federation officials about creating an U23 tournament. Presumably, the stewards of international hockey resources were whispering among themselves that there is a keen interest among hockey fans around the world to know which country had the best team of players born between 1990 and 1994. Why couldn't you have just said "wouldn't it be interesting to have a summer tournament between international teams of U23 players?" Please don't accuse me of being a BS'er after you cooked up one like that.

The use of the term "lock" was my own, and the fact is I never attributed it to you. My opinion is that Burmistrov is potentially a talented NT future prospect, but he hasn't produced enough yet to "lock up," or earn, an NT roster spot. I will continue to express my opinions, whether you find them tiresome or not.

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