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Originally Posted by Coutsiephan View Post
LMAO...I wonder who they paid ....tack on another year of lost profits to pay the service fees and other stupid charges the financial "anal-cyst" charged. Prolly cooked the books too...Enron accounting.

But seriously, I hope they didn't do any voodoo math but if it's true about this Wilson dude who out of the goodness of his heart likes to lose money..I guess it shouldn't be a problem.

As far as Weber getting matched and Trotz's notification...would have liked to hear Weber's reaction...had to be a little disappointed although he netted all that loot. It's on him now to deliver even more since Nash stepped up to the plate...
Of course, the fact they hired an analyst doesn't mean that he was paid any attention to when he started combusting after viewing the state of their finances...

I think the worry now for NSH is how they surround Weber with quality. They're a weaker team, and the Weber contract may have tied their hands. Looks to me like they've been short sighted, especially if Weber does get his NTC and starts making noises in a couple of years if they're not challenging. They could be in trouble then

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