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12-02-2003, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr Love
1) His GAA is better.

2) As a couple of Avs fans have stated, he hasn't stolen any games yet. He's winning, but he's not winning. Big difference.

3) The title of the thread was "based on statistics" and based on statistics, he isn't.
1) Who cares? GAA and SP are irrelevant last year as Brodeur had numerous folks above him last year (according to the 'Just Win, Baby' Folks)
2) Ah, so those wins of his don't count. Impressive debating technique.
3) I see, Wins suddenly aren't statistics? Again, not according to the JWB folks, it was the most important stat last year.

It's still a double standard. The league leader in wins isn't even a candidate for the Vezina? Anybody who defended Brodeur last year should be defending Aebischer this year.

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