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07-25-2012, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by devils4cup View Post
Sorry i wasn't clear enough with my first comment. My bad.

I had many coaches who would start off practice with a 15 min bag skate.

I've also had a few others who would do 3 on 3 rather than bag skating.

IMO, doing endless laps around the rink is 15 min of wasted time. At least with 3 on 3 i get my conditioning while trying to execute all the skills that one would need during a game.

Technical skating drills are very important, i should have separated the two
Depending on the level(age group/skill) this is usually a waste of time or weak attempt at punishment.

What is overlooked is that practice is not only an opportunity for the kids to learn and improve but also an opportunity for the coaches to do likewise especially in the context of their team.

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