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07-25-2012, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by panthersfan751 View Post
Absolutely agree. Under no circumstances would I want a casino next to the BAC. If this team is at such a disadvantage that it needs a casino in order to stay afloat, IMO we don't deserve the privilege of having an NHL team.
Also, people are talking about a casino ensuring our survival, but we don't need a casino to have stability. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that the lease at the BAC doesn't even expire until 2028. So unless Broward County decides to let the team relocate, which is probably quite unlikely given that they've stuck by the team this long, we are not going anywhere.
PF751 i dont think the issue is relocating, we are all looking for stability, competing, and long term survival.

So I ask why if we need a casino to compete are we undeserved of a team? Do you feel the same way if, lets say, it was alcohol, for example Molson Beer?

which vice is OK?

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