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Originally Posted by CarlWinslow View Post
I still don't get why you want Vanek to respond. Its such an awful idea. What is the point of him getting obliterated by Lucic? It literally serves no purpose as he will just give the Bruin team more of a boost when he gets beat down too.

In that situation I would have loved to see someone chop Lucic in the back of the knee. Cheap or not, I don't care.

I suppose the proper response would be to send out a "heavyweight" shortly thereafter to beat down Lucic. The Sabres now have one where-as they didn't before.

The one good suggestion was perhaps to have all 5 guys mug Lucic. Even after that though a proper fight should occur later with a person who could handle Lucic.
I think sometimes fans get caught up with how things 'should' be done. The point is that anything, including a 'cheap' mugging of Lucic or a sacrificial beat down of one of our skilled guys would have been preferable to the lack of team-unity that was shown. I'd have much rather seen Vanek or Pommers or Stafford drop the gloves and get pounded. Yeah, they can't fight worth a damn, but that would show that they give a damn.

You can't expect it, but sometimes acting out of character is a necessity.

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