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07-25-2012, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by IHaveNoCreativity View Post
I will probably be coaching peewee C or B... Hence why I intend to stick to basic skating and puck skills..

I do however intend to give them 1 thing to work on over then course of the year, and have them work on it on their own if they choose to. Say it's shooting, or aiming, or stickhandling.
You have to allow for multiple alternatives.

The kids at the Pee Wee B or C levels have various backgrounds. Some started with the association in MAHG while others are playing for the first time. Also you have to adapt for first and second year Pee Wees. Then you have to consider the abilities and skill sets of your assistant coaches.

At the B or C level all the kids have multiple parts to their game that need improvement. The key to success is showing the various better alternatives and then building on and around that initial improvement. This rewards the player and the coaches while sustaining enthusiasm that generates more improvement.

Similar to teaching. Telling a class of weak students that they can raise their marks from 30% to 75% is empty and gets laughed at because it does not seem realistic.

Asking them to be 1/2 - 1 % better each class is realistic yet it allows for bumps in the road. Over a 160 school days the results are much greater.

Likewise hockey. Give the kids the greatest number of opportunities for small achievements and let it come together to form one bigger success at the end of the season.

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