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07-25-2012, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by HiddenInLight View Post
There WAS guys on the roster who could do it though:

Regehr, Gaustad (WAS ON THE ICE), Myers. Cant remember if they were hurt at the time, but: McCormick and Kaleta.

Any of them could have fought Lucic. Those are the guys you should be disappointed in. NOT Vanek. If anything you should be disappointed in vanek for not going out there and scoring 2-3 goals on them to stick it to them that way. THAT I could understand, but expecting Vanek to fight is ludicrous!
I'm not disappointed in Vanek above the rest -- obviously the guys who you'd expect to do that (and really, none of the players you mentioned are fighters to any real degree with the exception of McCormick) carry more of the burden. But when nobody (either on the ice or on the bench) does anything that game, everyone has some responsibility, particularly the ones with letters on their sweaters, because team inaction points right back at them.

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