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Originally Posted by HiddenInLight View Post
So you would rather our star scorer first takes himself out of the game for 5 minutes, and risks himself being injured? That makes no sense.
Yes, I would rather that happen.

Do you remember what happened instead? The team's lack of action, made them a mockery, and they mentally wilted, taking months to recover.

Yes. I would rather see our 30 goal scorer stand up for the supposed backbone of our team/face of the franchise.

But hey... this is why I've hated this team's make up for 5 years, and you've probably defended them

For a guy like Vanek, you should be expecting to make them pay on the scoreboard, not by dropping the gloves. You should be disappointed that Vanek and the other skilled players didn't stick it to boston by putting up points on them. Expecting him to get into a fight in this situation would be like expecting Sidney Crosby, or Steve Stamkos, or the Sedins to get into a fight.
Crosby... good example. Crosby would have defended his teammate

You want me to post some more videos of star player/leaders who aren't gigantic ******* like Vanek?

It's not going to happen. You expecting that type of player to get into a fight is both unreasonable and ignorant.

Those players won't take themselves out of the game OR risk getting injured just to get their face bashed in by a goon. If you want proof, go on the Penguins board and ask if the Pens fans would expect the same from Crosby. They'd laugh you out of their boards. So yes it IS crazy to expect that out of a player like vanek. Sure you can expect it out of a Gaustad, Tropp, Weber, Regehr, Kaleta, or even Myers to an extent, but there is no reason to expect that out of Vanek or Pomminville.
You keep acting like one specific incident should be measured the same as any other moment in the game

No one is saying that Vanek should drop the gloves everytime someone gets crossed checked.

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