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Originally Posted by tsujimoto74 View Post
Crosby fighting isn't stepping out of his character or comfort zone though. Role? Yes. But he's also always been a guy who initiates physical play. The Sedins, Stamkos, Kane, etc. are guys that you won't see fighting.
Really, the guy on the ice who should be taking the bulk of the heat for not responding is Gaustad. He wore an A. That was part of his role. Should Vanek have done more? Maybe, but that's not his job -- Goose was right there, and that was his job, and he didn't do it.
This is getting to be an aside, but Crosby has fought 6 times in his career.

I doubt that makes fighting part of his comfort zone. As much as I hate to admit it, Crosby steps up when his team needs him, period. We haven't had too much of that.

Originally Posted by HiddenInLight View Post
While Crosby HAS fought in the past, it isnt EXPECTED of him.
That's exactly our point! Nobody expects Vanek to fight; I certainly don't.

Originally Posted by HiddenInLight View Post
People wouldn't point the finger and say crosby should be removed from the team because he didn't fight sombody. They would say its a good thing he didn't fight. He is more useful to the team scoring goals then injured or in the box. It's not his JOB to fight anybody. While you can say hes the captain he should stick up for his team, then why don't you mention Pomminville? He certainly didn't fight Lucic.
If their team did nothing in a similar situation, then everyone on the team deserves blame, just like on ours.

Originally Posted by HiddenInLight View Post
But keep pushing your agenda. Whos your next scapegoat after Vanek? Note how many people suddenly hate Vanek now that Roy is gone.
I don't hate Vanek. I don't have any scapegoats. The entire team showed its colors that day, and the point I'm making is that from the toughest guy we have to the most skilled guy we have, none of them did anything to show the team (forget the fans) that they cared.

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