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Originally Posted by greenstickytoes View Post
so listen if nash would make more goals and points with the same
team as b.ryan that means hes better than ryan right?
Because he hit 40 goals in his career twice and hit 38 goals once
and the rest he always was above 30.
Ryan only hit 35 goals once and hes in a much better team then nash.
Even if hes 3yrs younger, he still hasn't accomplished 2x40 goal yrs
and a 38goal yr.
Nash list was a list of 6 teams. Rangers, flyers, bruins, wings, pens, sharks.
Now don't get me wrong maybe hes 7.8 mil a year but
if all 6 teams didn't give more then a dubinsky and a couple of decent players
its because nash wasn't worth more than that in trade value.
Id say 4 of these teams were interrested in nash but didn't want to give their top
core players for him.
Being 3yrs younger and accomplishing one 35goal year with a better team doesn't make you a better value.... If his contract isn't as expensive as nash its prob because hes not as good..
Yes nash was pushing cbj against the wall but in reality if those 6 teams weren't ready to give up any of their very good players.
I really doubt any team will give up any of their very good players for b.ryan.

So please stop with ryan is worth more.. Just because of age and the ntc ...
Its not a good enough reason. So please accept the fact that ryans value
isnt what you want it to be. Im sorry but youl hve to deal with it

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