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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
im saying it's boring because nobody gives a ****... it's the internet. Your going to reply anyways.

oh... sorry, i take it back then.

How is scoring a hat trick and winning, a response to your goaltender getting run? Isn't that what Vanek should be trying to do anyways?

You don't think that scenario is stupid?

Because by running the score up against a team that is playing cheap, and running goaltenders, you show that you are above them. Show them that no matter what they do your team is STILL going to put up 6 goals, and run their goalie in a legal way. They can goon it up, but why bother if it doesn't help them win the game? What did the sabres do? They shut down. It showed Boston that the hit on Miller was OK and that they could bully the Sabres out of a game.

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