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Originally Posted by airforceones25 View Post
Nobody said Ryan was better. They said he was more valuable. We showed you the production, salaries, contract clauses and ages of the players to prove our point. All you care about is some season 4 plus years ago that he scored 38 goals or 40 goals. Congratulations.

You then try an knock Bobby Ryan because he hasnt scored 38goals. Lol.. He has been in the league half as many years and has yet to recieve the same amount of playing time on the 1st PP unit which would theoretically increase his goal totals.

You my friend are terrible at debates.
OMG FOR the last time his PP TIME doesnt defend your point!!!!!!!!!! what dont you get in that!?
Nash has less goals on PP then ryan does!!!
Ryans Teamates are wayyyyyyyy better then Nash's teamates.
you have to be ignorant if you think the opposite

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